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The government is shirking responsibility for people with PMLD – we need your help to get them to act!

July 2011

Picture of the front cover of 'Raising Our Sights'

In February the government finally responded to the ‘Raising our sights’ report.

The report – which looked at services and support for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) - was commissioned because it was widely acknowledged that the majority of people with PMLD are not getting the care and support they need, and that this has to change.

However, this change will only happen if the report’s recommendations are implemented - and the government’s response says nothing about how it will ensure this is carried out.

Without clear leadership from central government it is likely this exceptionally vulnerable group will continue to have their needs ignored, particularly in these times of tight financial constraints.

One year ago, MPs were invited to an All Party Parliamentary Group on Learning Disability focusing on the ‘Raising our sights’ report. Now is a good time to remind them about the report and tell them nothing has changed, and we need them to take action.

We need your help!

Please take action by:

Visiting your MP and asking them to ensure central government takes appropriate action.
Sharing your story, if you have a family member or support someone with PMLD who is not getting the support and services they need. We will use this evidence in our lobbying.

Please download the ‘campaign action for local campaigners’ which will explain how to take these actions, and give you all the information you need.

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